Cutting-edge voting platform

Welcome to CiraVote, where voting has never been easier, safer, and more empowering. We are proud to present a cutting-edge voting platform designed to streamline the entire voting process while offering unparalleled features that make every election a seamless success.

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CiraVote provides a highly adaptable foundation capable of serving diverse industries and organization types. Its specialized focus lies in catering to the unique requirements of homeowner associations, effectively managing elections, surveys, and various voting events. While offering a comprehensive array of features, our software remains remarkably user-friendly, prioritizing ease of use. Automation takes center stage, allowing for the configuration of business rules to streamline processes.

Our platform ensures real-time results with automatic tallying and user-friendly dashboards for event coordinators. Extensive downloadable reports encompassing quorum achievement, participant eligibility, voter statistics, and more are readily accessible. The system also facilitates the handling of paper ballots, bolstered by secure validation through configurable Multiple Factor Authentication, as well as the assignment of unique user and QR codes to each participant.

Furthermore, CiraVote seamlessly adapts to varying screen sizes, from large monitors to laptops, tablets, and cell phones. It offers flexibility through multiple voting and ballot configurations that align with association bylaws. Simplified communication is achieved with straightforward notice setup and efficient management tools for participant lists and candidate profiles, including biographies, photographs, and intro videos.

The "Secret Ballot" feature allows anonymous voting and enhances voter validation via IP capture. Administrators benefit from an intuitive module designed for the easy setup of users, organizations, communities, and properties. Additionally, the integration of a mailing fulfillment service is planned for future enhancements.